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Countertops and Surfaces

The following countertop surfaces are available at Modern Habitat: granite, marble, slate, quartz.

Visit the showroom to preview colors and select a countertop that is the perfect match for your kitchen, bath, office or other project. Whether your project requires marble, granite, quartz or other surface, Modern Habitat can help you determine which option is best.

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TIP: Always bring samples of your doors, flooring, wall tile, paint colors, etc. when visiting the showroom.


Cooking High Tech – The Induction Way

The secret of induction has actually been around in scientific laboratories for some time but has been applied for other uses besides cooking. Excite a magnetic material with a magnetic field and you get heat. As long as you use cookware with a magnetic property, such as steel, iron or other magnetic material, the induction cooktop will transfer energy directly into the material and not into space or the surrounding cooktop.

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